Thursday, April 05, 2007

Traffic Jam!

I had the extrodinary experience of being stuck in the biggest traffic jam eva!!!! today as I found myself returning from Maitland at around 3pm and found myself on the same road as every other poor bastard in the Hunter Valley trying to get out of town to their alloted camping/holiday spot BEFORE the traffic got really bad.

Far took over and hour and a half to get from East Maitland to Wallsend. In the process I witnessed 3 car accidents and one frustatrated ambulance that could not get passed the traffic and had to mount the median strip but ended up boxed in from all sides at the next set of traffic lights anyway.

People were driving like possessed beings from another dimension - who gave them licences in the first place?

I left as Aphrodite but arrived as the Hydra!


Anchell said...

Hmmmmm....interesting visual..

Cyndy said...

There are a lot of "Mr Wheeler's" out there. Madmen!!!
Beloved and I used to be keen long weekend travellers, but we make it a practice NEVER to go anywhere on long weekends.
Poor you. An hour and a half? I sat between Hexham Maccas and the Oak factory one Thursday afternoon a couple of years ago for about the same length of time as some poor unfortunate had decided to ram their car into a powerpole near the factory.. Actually, it was UP the pole...from the southbound side of the road.... The ambulance wasn't in a hurry. That's never a good sign, but it had to travel along the median stip most of the way. I was reading a book while I was waiting....Bryce Courtney, I think...

Have a lovely weekend, Renata! ;0)