Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Healing Room opening!

Last night's Healing Room opening at the Cottage was brilliant.
I am very sure that much good work will happen in the room.
The highlight of the evening was Leanne's emmotive beely dance performance that drew gasps from the girls. She is so talented.
Also we have another artistic masterpiece hanging in the healing room created by our own Michelle.An etherial mix of purples and reds brings together an image of a goddess in full energetic power swirling the energies of the universe into play!
I wish my brain could think up such a concept!
The howl in the room itself , as simple as it was, was probably one of the most memorable moments for all of us.
Clearing old energies and dispersing negative gremlins was achieved by a spine tingling howl by over 20 people. I had goose bumps!
We drew the raffle and low and behold most of our regulars won the prizes - no, it wasn't rigged!
I had a brilliant night - I feel very proud of what we have all achieved.
The sense of community is real and growing.
Blessings to you all.


Anchell said...

I love beely dancing.....

Bee said...

I love beely dancing to so much i hope to go back this term to beely dancing,,,and yes last night was cool,,,,

Jacqui said...

I wish I was there. Can't wait to see it.... did we raise enough for a crystal cave? Did I win anything???

Kathleen said...

I am High on Community Spirit!

Lisa said...

Last night was, in a word, amazing!
I keep going over to check that our room is still there and that I havent just dreamed all of this.
You are my truest sister and friend- as different as we are, we are in many ways the same....blessed be.....the HOWL was UNBELIEVABLE !!!

rainbowspirit said...

loved the howl - tho' it nearly blew my head off - LITERALLY!!!

Jewell said...

want to do another howl...can we, can we, can we..please!!!

loved the belly dancing our lovely Gypsy is so talented and a very sexy lady