Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where can I buy elbow grease?

I am out of elbow grease...I used up my supply today but have only done two rooms.
Therefore I need to buy some more.....anyone know where I can get some from (cheap)?
The Salvo's rescued me today and took all the wardrobes which made the rooms nice and empty.
I have gagged on a variety of spores and mould that has been growing for over twenty years behind said wardrobes when I had the audacity to disturb their habitat and try to clean the walls.
Now spores and mould have been attacked with several different types of toxic chemicals which neccessitated the need for goggles and a mask as my eyes started to water........ and are DEAD!
Walls look like a crazy multicoloured spew and room will need a coat of paint.
Mother in law ( bless her )took five hours to clean the laundry ( dont ask me why that long )
but you can now eat off the fucking floor....
Round Two tomorrow............


Wendy said...

Haven't seen an Elbow Grease product but I remember Gumption - do they still sell that?

Your family are very lucky that you are so pragmatic and are prepared and available to do what you are doing. They may not fully understand (or may not want to understand) the huge effort and sacrifice you are making but I think it shows, yet again, what an amazing person you are.

I think someone previously commented suggesting a working bee. I'm sure you'd be able to get a few people to help out - remember, many hands make light work ☺ I can do most weekdays except Fridays or in the mornings on Wednesdays. Let me know if there is anything I can do...

Myst_72 said...

Oil of cloves is meant to be the ants pants of mould removal/kill.

I hope you can get some help over there, it sounds like hard work