Friday, July 31, 2009

In my spare time..................

I started back at art class last Monday and had to have something to work I painted like a mad thing last week and started and abandoned two paintings that were just awful!!!!!!! So on Saturday night I had to find a cool and calm moment and start again.
I have been working on my cherries in brief moments amidst the chaos.
Today I challenged myself with the stove at mums place - it had never been cleaned and it took six buckets of water and four hours to make it sparkle.
Then I DID get out the good old gumption ( certainly can buy it ) and got stuck into the rest of the kitchen..I even went over stuff I had done a week ago cause gumption can take off tattoos ( not really, but almost ) cause it's that bloody good.
This weekend my mother in law and sister in law and I are doing the final bits - thank you to all who have offered to help, but my mother in law is a work horse to rival none and together we have worked like a whirlwind.
I did notice a brown gunk coming off the walls in the kitchen today and I could not figure out where it had all come from..
then it hit me that it must have been from years of smoking.Mum smoked until she was about 70 odd before giving up because it was too expensive.


Anonymous said...

oh renata i adore your art work it is soooo divine and bloody real smick.....maureen

Jewell said...

eewww re the brown stuff on the to the red them

Wendy said...

Love the cherries - and love the little silver thingy they're in - amazing reflections!

Glad to hear that the momentus task at your Mum house is appearing more manageable and sending blessings to your wonderful mother in law for being such a great help ♥

Hmmm, I think I should pick me up some Gumption - but not to clean with it or anything drastic like that, just to say that I have some ;0)

Jade E. Henderson said...

Wow Renata your cherries are BEAUTIFUL mate, as is your silver.
and ah good old gumption I have some in the cupboard. Yeah I cleaned the windows of inside our house and the cabinet and the water was a lovely nicotine colour, I helped contribute to this colour I might add lol not any more though.