Thursday, July 23, 2009

40 years of dirt....

Well I made a massive mistake and went in today to clean the walls in my parents get started and get it ready for sale....and I must have used too strong a mix of sugar soap as the paint came off with the dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I have a huge ugly patch which means that I will have to paint over it..more work.
I have to get my brother to help me with this. I cannot do this on my own.
I am just too tired already.
Pangs of hate rose in me as I stood looking at the amount of work in front of me to get that house looking clean and thinking that my parents, both of them did not life a finger to clean that place in over 40 years.
Yes...I hear you....they were both pensioners..
Mums view of cleaning extended to wiping over the kitchen sink ( the cleanest part of the house ) but it did not extend to taking stuff out of the cupboards and cleaning those for example...let us not go to any other part of the house...
The place looks clean if you stand back and just glance over things, but in reality EVERYTHING is dusty, dirty and each wall has a build up of grime.
Also we have pulled old wallpaper off the walls in my old bedroom and that will now need an enormous scrub.
I'm over it!!!!!


Myst_72 said...

I wish I was closer to give you a hand.
You sound exhausted already.

Could you organise a bit of a working bee and ask a few friends to help out?


Renata Daniel said...

Friends with helping hands are a blessing indeed!w.w.

Renata Daniel said...

Friends with helping hands are a blessing indeed!w.w.

Cyndy said...

I know exactly what you mean, Renata.

40 years is a lot of time for "stuff" to build up..... >_<

Jewell said...

why don't you get a working bee happening...i'd be happy to come over and pitch in!!!