Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Strange Days

Frantic calls from the hospital from a woman lost between the worlds..
so wanting to go home.
so wanting to remember, then forgeting that she wants to remember, then forgetting me, then forgetting words, feelings, needs.
The quick onset of all of this has been hard to watch..

At the moment its like someone put a handmixer into mums brain and swooshed it up into a big milk shake.
Mum is in the John but will be moved shortly out to Belmont to a intermediate unit where she will stay until we can have her placed into a nursing home.
This may take a week or two or three or more.
In the mean time I have to see her every day so that there is some connection and familiarity in her life.
Every move means more confusion and she thinks she is coming home - how do I tell her that she wont be?
The house has to be cleaned, friges, cupboards, garbage, clothes sorted documents filed and checked.
This will take dont expect too much from me.
I am stocking up on wine.


Jewell said...

that's so sad...let me know if you want or need any help cleaning the house etc love to you all xxx

Lisa said...

i am here- we all are- just call xxx

Cyndy said...

The STRAS Centre. Another step. Sometimes, it's not the forgetting that's so painful: it's the remembering.