Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A big weekend!

I spent the weekend doing the last bits of cleaning to the house with the help of mum in law and sis in law - I intend to pay them back with a lovely breakfast out this Sunday for all their hard work.
The place looks good - its clean and tidy and has beautiful varnished wooden floorboards all the way through that are now clean and revealed from underneath the filthy old carpet that has been hoiked...
Just waiting for the yard to be done ( I have hired someone to do that! ) and we are ready for sale!
The first ad will go in the paper on Saturday.
I am screamingly tired and now face the chaos that has been building in my place as I have transferred bags of shit and just left them piling up in the hallways and every available corner.
So I am determined to sort and clean as I go - this may take weeks..
I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE....and the way I put hings away may mean that things may be lost forever..............
At the end of this week I will take four of my paintings to an art exhibition being held at Raymond Terrace - here's hoping I get lucky and sell something!

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