Wednesday, August 26, 2009

more wierdness...

last night a got a place name for my little was Chai - Tao.

So this morning I just had to google it...and, low and behold, there IS such a place in ShangHai China, near the border with Korea.

Last night, another bizarre dream about a certain French President ( now, I reiterate, that is is A DREAM people - I dont want any more creepy people ringing me about what I write on my blog ok! ) This man is very, very smart and carismatic - he has a very beautiful wife.
He knows a lot about some very influential people in Europe and in this dream I, through certain conversations, got embroiled in the middle of his latest scandal.
I remember being approached by him, after being placed in a position of probable contact.
He does love women and this will be his downfall.
In the end I was going to get myself into rather a bad pickle with authorities but was saved with a "get out of jail card" by the President assuring my safe escort out of the country.
This man has a great deal of power through what and who he knows....mmmmmmm
now where did THAT come from.

so much more exciting than heading to Greenhills eh.......

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Lisa said...

hmmmm.the sarski/bruni thing has me intriuged