Monday, August 17, 2009

Could not be bothered?

Seems to me that there is a lot of "could not be bothered" around.
I guess I am also a culprit of this syndrome...but it is getting a bit tiresome.
I am actually tired of it myself...tired of my own "not bothering".
Time to bother again..
I thought the recession was only an economic one, but it seems to have hit us all on a personal level as well.
We are all having our own little mini recessions where we are just "frozen in time"
waiting for the better times to come again...

Whats going on with the blogs?
Are we over that too?
Everyone has gone to twitter and facebook - of course it takes a lot less time.
Is that what it is?
Are we all running out of time, so twitter is the next best thing to nothing at all?
Seems like everyone has so much to deal with, life is so complicated and we go round in circles..
we are spending so much time on things that dont interest us and so much time sitting in front of the computer where we "virtually" talk and communicate to people.
There seems to be less need for face to face contact or could we be just not bothering to actually expend the effort to meet, sit and just so easy to sit and do it on-line.
For all the other person knows you could be cutting your toe nails while watching t.v. and eating a frozen dinner all at the same time as having a deep and meaningful
email exchange...
I dont know if this is a good thing..
In a way you are anonymous and therefore not required to commit yourself. I find this really annoying when I get a booking for a reading for example, and the client is DESPERATE..
they need a reading you change things,get in the car, drive there,set up and then they don't turn up and dont even ring to say that they are not going to come......
What about some common courtesy?

just my thoughts...


Jewell said...

i'm writing but then no-one coments so i never know if anyone is reding mine :-)

Renata Daniel said...

I know I read your stuff all the time, but like I said, I am a not b othered culprit as well and often I do not post a reply...w.w.

WhimsiGals said...

I hear you Renata!

It is a real balance trying to keep up an online as well as face-to-face presence.

I do have a blog, two facebook pages, and a twitter channel ... as well as keeping up with both my Pagan Team and Dust Team forums ... and I find that time is distorted while on computer - a moment on the computer tends to be an hour in reality ... so as someone who needs to keep creating - as time is money - computering is non-paying time ... and I find that I can only do what I really have to do on the computer and then force myself off.

For the last two weeks, I have been doing battle with a bad case of brochitis ... and literally had no energy to even sit up, let alone create or turn the computer on to connect with people.

Yet, I am very glad that I already have a network of friends - both known to me and cyber friends - on computer that I could connect with while I was recovering!

I do miss actually connecting with people in person though ... and would love to meet up for coffee and a chat ;-)