Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One foot in each world...

One of those bizarre dreams/experiences last night where I feel asleep yet awake.
i wanted to write this down so that I remember it....
I remember knowing that I stepped into the body of a young girl, about seven or eight years old. I was seeing through her eyes but I knew that I was me..and I was thinking "what am I doing here"?
This did not last long - just a few minutes.
I was walking through an old home, where this child lived.
No one was home accept for an old woman sitting in a room at the back of this house.
I am assuming she was grandma.The house was full of little rooms where the extended family or families lived.
No lighting accept natural light comming through open windows.
No elecrticity at all.
Almost no furniture.
I (she) was looking for her scabby black cat - just a baby. A dirty, thin creature - totally black and only a few months old.
She called it "Meow - Meow".
Finally the cat was found and craddled in the childs arms with the greatest of love as if this would be the only thing that this child could ever call her own - her only possession.
I did not know this child's name but I had a feeling it was all happening in China.
I later tried to remember details and the name "Chao Tzu" came to me.
I just so vividly remember saying to myself ,"What in the hell am I doing here? What am I supposed to see or do?"
That was it...I was gone..


Jewell said...

wow, sounds like a great experiance.......

my dreams have been very vivid in the last few days...maybe i should start to write them down to?

Jewell said...

BTW have you looked up the name? did she live in china?

Renata Daniel said...

I have looked up the name and it belongs to a communist party leader..male...that exact spelling...go figure...I am sure many more people would have also had that name..w.w.

Jen said...

mmm, past life memory maybe??

very interesting. Make sure you keep your eyes and ears open for a little while - more messages to come on that i think

WhimsiGals said...

very interesting!