Saturday, August 29, 2009

Everyone wants some Indian Root Pills..

My new painting..
This is a picture of a barn heading towards Morpeth from East Maitland.
I remember seeing it as a child when my parents would drive past it on the way to visit their friends.
Over the years, the barn has fallen into disrepair, but recently it has had a face lift and the old Indian Root Pills sign has been repainted.
I dont hold too many memories from my childhood, but this image is stored away amongst the few.


Bee said...

somthing that had root pills written on it would probably stay in my mind to;;;;

Jade E. Henderson said...

That's a fabulous painting!!!!

Kerry said...

I drive past that barn at least once every month or two on my way to morpeth.

Tis great to see that it has been given a facelift.