Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello mum...remember me?

Went to visit mum today. She was very surprised to see me although I had told her we were coming...tears in her eyes, very up and down emotionally.
I guess this is what a bout of depression must be like.
SHe had been complaining for weeks about pain in her side and finally now we have been told that she has had a cracked rib poor darling...the deterioration in her bones means that this could be something that becomes quite a common event.
Otherwise she looks good but has problems knowing where her room is and what she is doing there and the constant pain would be a torture!!!!!

It was a lovely trip down and the man did a bit of personal shopping while we were there and we dropped into the local shopping centre that has a marvelous deli with lots of smelly cheeses and meats ( yummm )
At least she did not complian when we were leaving we just took her to be with the "other inmates" and off we went.
Still, such a crazy experience.....I cannot fathom my mum being there and not in her house.

Meanwhile I sold a painting today!!!!!!!
Yay!!!!!!!!Just a small one, but one none the less.
On the other hand, my picture framer destroyed one of my precious paintings yesterday by dropping another picture on it and ripping a huge hole in the canvas.....needless to say, I was shattered when I saw it and still cannot believe that it we have to try and fix it, somehow.....


Michelle said...

Oh no! Bloody framers....

Poor mum, but still, she is safe. How long had her rib been like that?


wykd wytch said...

It has probably been broken since I took her to hospital when I found her on the floor in her 6 weeks now.They do not want to operate because of her age and therefore if any more breaks occur they will have to mend on their own or heaven help us all...can you imagine a broken hip???? What happens then? That would probably kill her.....

I am wanting to do something very awful to that stupid framer for sure.....what can you do????

Lisa said...

poor mum, poor you
and smelly cheese and meat to boot.............