Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Slap me, but dammit I'm going to do it anyway!

This month, the Cottage is celebrating it's 5th Anniversary - this is a huge achievement for a dream that turned into a reality for Lisa, and has affected many lives in the most positive of ways during this period.
The Cottage has changed and is offering a wide variety of services including the Year and a Day course which has proven such a great success.

I seem to have a few minutes in my life where I am doing nothing....he...he
so I am electing to put my hand up and raise some money for the Cottage in my own special way.
I am going to offer tarot readings by mail for a cost of $10 each with 25% of all my earnings going to the Cottage!
Please network this!
I would like to get 100 requests - therefore making a good little bonus for the Cottage coffers.
If you would like a general reading for the next few months ahead, or have some special questions that you would like answered, please send me a cheque or money order to : R.Daniel ( or put ten bucks in an envelope )AND a stamp self addressed envelope and send your request to:
please email me.......( address has been deleted )
This is a great little idea and I hope that it is successful - if all you bloggers will help and network this offer!
I will do O.S. readings for the same price ( I dont mind US Dollars or English Pounds - really )
So, lets get me 100 readings by the end of June!


Michelle said...

Ummmm Renata....do you not need any energy for you :)

Good luck with that!


Anonymous said...

No...no focus on me required thanks....its all good!w.w.

Wendy said...

This is a wonderful challenge you have set. I'll have my envelope and question ready to give you next Monday night, if that's ok.