Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Taking a breath..

Well mum went into Tinonee Gardens today for respite care.
This has been arranged for a duration of six weeks - by then her back should be much better and she should not be in pain, maybe the dementia will have settled down and we will know if she needs to return home or has to be placed in care.
I am really still waiting for a phone call asking me to come and pick her up cause something has gone askew - I have not seen her yet, just dont have the time, getting home after 6pm - its a bit late to waltz into the facility and disrupt dinner time..
How do I feel about it all?
Does it really matter how I feel?
Not really - it's all going to happen anyway, I just need to feel O.K. about it all, that I am doing what "I" feel I need to be doing.It will be painful to "shut up shop" that is, sell the family home and all of mum's goods and shackles while she is still alive. Maybe she will have to come home after all and we will have a reprieve...who knows..


Michelle said...

Its a big deal and takes quite a bit of getting your head around doesn't it.....strength to you Renata


Jade E. Henderson said...

Hi Renata, must be such a hard time, I can't even fathom it with my own mum *hugz*

Lisa said...

hhmmm a huge adjustment- take care my friend xx