Sunday, May 31, 2009

OK......Who's got the toothpicks?

I need them to keep my eyes open...
Just finished this pic tonight..

What a blessing that the John Hunter is just up the road - I would be totally rooted if it was far away!
Today I hit the road to buy groceries, visit mum and totally wash her from tip to toe and feed her and remake her bed, then home to make lunch, then out to take down my art from "Sunny's" ( no didnt sell a thing ) and then out to Greenhills to set up for the booksale.
Home to wash clothes
and make some food for tomorrow and dabble with a painting and draw up a new one.
Sounds like the witch's kitchen was fun!
Maybe next time I will get there?


Lisa said...

you were so missed and i really want you to meet Kerry who is making me fall in love all over again.......booksale/family crisis ? can you see the pattern emerging here ?

Anonymous said...

sorry but until the gods decide that I should become independenly wealthy or I find a "sugar daddy"...I will have to the moment they are showing me a wicked sense of humor....w.w.