Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Miss Aleksandra has turned 15 today!
She took many cakes and biscuits to share at school today and we went to Macca's for hotcakes for a breakfast treat before school.
Tonight we are heading to a Japanese Restaurant for tea tonight ( that's pretty good for Aleks ) and so she is a happy girl.
This weekend we have a "biggin" with Aleks sleeping over at another friend's place who is having a party on Saturday and then on Sunday we will be hosting a LazerForce extravaganza!
Wish I was 15 again..... ( no I dont - couldn't go through my childhood again!!!!I am still trying to get over the scars )


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Aleks!

May all your dreams come true pretty girl


Lisa said...

such a beautiful little witch xx

jewell said...

Happy 15th Aleks...enjoy your special day xxx

Kathleen said...

Happy 15th Birthday Aleks!