Friday, May 01, 2009

No holiday at all!

Hubby has been off for the past two weeks and with the help of my sister in laws boyfriend, they have created a minor miracle in the front yard and almost completed a retaining wall that has been waiting a considerable length of time to be finished ( about 15 years to be exact - but these things cannot be rushed).
I have decided to call it the "small wall of Fatima" as it is quite a miracle in my eyes and I must go out and buy a small statue of Mary to place at one end of it.
The front of the house is unrecognisable - I have been looking at mounds of dirt for so many years and there is now a pathway ( which will delight the local meter reader no end )and gorgeous wall.
Even though we have done it "ourselves" as such, these things turn out to be quite that weekend at the Palazo Versace on the Gold Coast will have to wait while I spend my days thinking what I can do with a kilo of mince meat instead?????
We still have our main bathroom to work on when the man has more hoidays in a few weeks time but I would really love to get away somewhere even for a couple of days.
Meanwhile, what am I doing sitting here when I can be out the front admiring my new I go.


Michelle said...

At least you get to spend time IN your house! Be thankful for small blessings.....xxxx

Wendy said...

Although they can be expensive and take a lot longer, doing things yourself is also so very rewarding.

Vesna Designs said...

LMAO-too funny !!!