Friday, May 08, 2009


Love the rain...but it is quite foul for my neck and shoulders.
So, in much pain today with heat packs dotting various parts of my body.
Quite an attractive site indeed.


Lisa said...

do you have your skivvy on ?
the return of wiggle elf !

Anonymous said...

No cold enough or desperate enough just yet.....could you really bear it????w.w.

Michelle said...

Electric blanket does it for me.

Its not heart breaking, its life.

Shit happens I guess, but ONWARDS I say!

angela said...

I have just started to suffer in this way and it really is a pain.LOL.
I send my sympathy and will think of you as I sit on the couch with a wheat bag on my knee.
Growing wiser( not older) is fun isn't it.