Monday, May 18, 2009

The joys of self promotion!

Today was "elf" promotion day with everyone getting an email to visit my art website, sending out a few emails and other bits and pieces that I have put off doing in an effort to get my art out I walays say, it might be nice to have my babies at home but they are no good to me there.
Also I had a dream that I was holding a new baby last night - this is always a sign of a new project or new beginning I really pushed myself today.
I'm not too good at doing things like this - this part always lets me down.
Im not one for this side of things - maybe that's why I have never been "successful" at anything. I have managed to do things, to conquer the skills but then I fall flat never ever getting myself out there's just not me, I am the eternal wallflower preferring to blend into the wall rather than stand in the middle of the room.


Kathleen said...

Yes ... you need to have no shame ... and plug your work whenever and wherever possible ...

xxxx Faerie

Lisa said...

just put it out there for god sake- the worlds greatest artists would be nothing if they didn't promote

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