Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm going to be in a Calendar!

No....dont get excited...I will NOT be wearing a bikini or in one of those "naked lady "calendars....oh bosh!I hear you say?????

I entered a local challenge from our Art Society to enter a Newcastle themed painting to win a space in a calendar that the Society is creating to raise money for itself and the Helicopter Rescue Service for 2010.
There were 43 painting presented last night at the general meeting of the Society and over 60 members voted.
I was lucky enough to receive enough votes to get a place!
A small win along the road.
It means that I will get some exposure!
The picture that won was of my "Stockton Ferry" ( check blackdogartworks )

Going to see mum today and find out some more stuff on how I can offer assistance for her...


Cyndy said...

Hi Renata.
Congratulations, Calendar Girl!!!

I'm sorry that your Mum's unwell. For someone living with dememtia, lots of things can effect their ability to think clearly. As you mention, being out of her environment will do it. Any infection, especially one that happens all of a sudden is another culprit. Urinary tract infection is one of the most common triggers for a decline in the ability to process clearly and constipation is right up there as a major cause as well. Pain is probably one of the most underrated triggers as well. Getting your mum's pain better managed may well make a difference. Delerium, which is different from actual dementia, but may occur as well, is sometimes confused with dementia, but is reversible. Your mum's condition may improve with time & treatment.
It is sad that things haven't been organised before now, but your family aren't alone in this respect. It usually takes an acute admission such as your mum's for changes to be made. People, including the unwell individual are often loathe to address the problem, and love results in families often coping way beyond their means and abilities.
There will be a discharge planner at the hospital who should be able to fill you in on the services that will assist your mum, and help the family to ensure that her needs are being met. There are good, supportive & helpful people & services out there: make the most of them.

I hope that I haven't overstepped the boundaries, Renata. I'm sorry if I have, but please don't hestitate to ask if you think that I may be able to help with anything.


Jade E. Henderson said...

That's fantastic news Renata! You're published!
I hope your mum is doin okay, I'll send some warm fuzzies your way!

Lisa said...

congrats !!
after all those eyars selling the wretched things, now to be on one of the wrtched things !!
exciting for you my friend and for the cottage too............
hope things run smooth with mothers treatment plan xx

Kathleen said...

Very exciting Renata!

Thinking about you Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for your thoughts and thanks Cyndy for the brain is frying from all the info that I am having to get through to organise respite and aged care many hoops for this circus lady to go through.....
fortunately I am using some vital contacts to try and make things work...if nohing else I will be clear of guilt that I did not do my bit.

Michelle said...

Oh very cool!

Slightly ironic though :)


neilmierendorff said...

Hi Renata,
The irony is not lost on me. However the news is fantastic. the exposure can only be advantageous. Congatulations.
Sorry to here about your Mum's rapid deterioration.If I can be of any assistance from my recent experience, please contact me. I hope you still have my card.
Neil M.