Friday, May 15, 2009

Cherry Vodka and Pierogi Night tonight!

Well, its Eurovision tonight on SBS and we will be glued to the screen to watch this extravaganza of bad taste and dreadful music!
Eurovision never dissapoints - its always a hoot and not being able to understand what they are singing just adds to the fun.
Also you must always listen carefully to the commentary - those guys are crazy!
So the Cherry Vodka and Perogi ( stuffed Polish style dumplings fried in butter and covered in sour cream ) will be on the menu.It took me three hours to make them yesterday!
Oh, just can't wait!


Michelle said...

Yummmmmm......except for Eurovision....gag

How did lunch with the artiste go?

Anonymous said...

Well only four people turned up...never mind.Lunch was lovely and ofcourse we talked about nipples,birth and everyone tried to match off their teenage you do.w.w.

Cyndy said...

I think thatI need to try these delicacies..... previously, I have managed Eurovision without them.... and you're right: it is definitely a hoot!

Enjoy your night w.w. !!!!!

jewell said...

can i come over...sounds like great fun...used to love watching it too, till hubby put a stop to all that fun and stuff sigh

Lisa said...

eurovision- is that still going- oh my god x

angela said...

My daughter and her friend watched Eurovision with me last year and we almost cried laughing so much. You will have to post the recipe so we can all cook and eat and watch alike.