Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blah, blah and then more blah!

Well, another day - I had to attend a meeting with my managers from Calendar Club (yes...I know I have said that I will not be doing it )but I was interested to see what they had to say.
There was a lot of blah..blah..blah..interspersed with, yet again, telling me that I may be "somewhat stale" within the position and that I could do with some training.
It is obviously still my fault that I had bad sales last season ( nothing to do with no parking and refurbishment of the centre, of course ) and nothing to do with the fact that I had no stock and only the shit that they send to the "regional stores".
Yet again I spoke my mind but they really were not interested, just telling me to pick up my game before the season starts...oh and NO STOOL!!!!!Forget about sitting down - apparently it gives the customers the feeling that I dont care if I am sitting down ( I thought that telling them to"fuck off" would be the thing that conveyed that message? )
Anyway, thank you very much..I enjoyed the coffee and I shall see you later...
then the afternoon with mummy..
She is 85 years old but tells me that she is 83.
Of course we had to go to the Club and then to Macca's - her two favourite places in the world.
So I sat at shouting distance from her while she played the pokies - I cannot venture too far as she forgets which buttons to press and proceeds to yell across the room until I run to her assistance. I also have to supply hot chocolate and dollar coins because she cannot put notes in the machine.
Usually a bottle of Strongbow cider lessens the humiliation of being "heralded" like a serf to attend my queen.
It was also dutifully announced to all and sundry that it was her birthday by her grabbing willy nilly at everyone who ventured within a foot of her.
Bless her!
Then it was off to Macca's where we enjoyed a half burger each and tea and half an apple pie which took approximately 45 minutes to eat.
In the meantime she complained about the weather, the clothes I was wearing, that she is lonely and that I should leave my family and move in and look after her, that the weather is horrible, that those naughty children running around are annoying her, that she is lonely, that I am not dressed properly, that the weather was bad, how amazing she is ....oh should I go on?
This state of affairs is quite sad indeed and I wonder how it will all proceed...but for now the day is over and I need another bottle of Strongbow!.


Hippy Witch said...

Enjoy your strongbow, and breathe. Did I tell you that class last night was amazing. Gayle doesn't think so (actually she does). It lessoned the impact that she would have suffered today. Thank you teach

Cyndy said...

I think that you've earned 2 strongbows & a comfy lie down.....

Good luck ;0)

Lisa said...

Calender Club ??
Please god, tell me you are joking !!!

jewell said...

oh no again...please don't do it...you're life's worth so much more......

Anonymous said...

Gayle rang me yesterday to tell me that a comment I made for her in class had just happened re: job.
Cool! I SO LOVE confirmations!!!!w.w.