Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things change very quickly!

Well mum went into hospital yesterday as she has been complaining about pain in her back. She is not doing very well.
I have been with her today and her decline in mental awareness has been quite severe.
I know that being taken out of her environment does not help, but, it was quite obvious to me today that her abilities to look after herself in any sustained way dissapeared over the last 24 hours.
We cannot get to the bottom of the back pain problem. Some moments it is unbearable and in the next breath she is asking me to take her to the Club.
She also swore that she was not given any pain killers, so when I asked the nurse I was told that she had already received two doses today.
She is panicked,disoriented and very angry - she says that the staff are trying to kill her and she has been left all alone for days, yet she has only been there for 24hours.
This is all pretty awful and sad to see and made more complicated as she is now hardly speaking any English.
I feel sorry for her and I am sad that this was not investigated and taken care of earlier when she could still have had an input - but, she has been as bull headed as my brother in this regard, not heeding my pleas to get these matters sorted.This should have happened after my father died three years ago, now it is going to be a horrible mess with her stuck in the middle of it all.


jewell said...

that not so good....thinking of you

Greenman said...

Not sure what caused your moms back problems, but had a buddy who jumped from a chopper skid on a hot LZ drop-in, landed on his back,thought he was ok, but he had on an off severe back pain for months. Mil Docs couldnt find anything wrong with him, a state side Doc found a bone fagment in his back,removed it and he was on to fight another day.
Hope all works out.

Lisa said...

not good news at all Renata.keep me informed sweetheart xx

Michelle said...

Oh dear.

Love to you xxxxx

Myst_72 said...

So sorry.

Could the pain killers be causing some of the problems with her thinking?

Thinking of you,


Wendy said...

Sending strength and love to you and yours. ♥