Monday, May 04, 2009

New Art works

I finished this one yesterday - was working on it at Stroud.
Also check out my daughters latest work in my side bar - bloody good eh?
I am very proud of her.


Michelle said...

May I make a suggestion? Why not try painting the skies, instead of airbrushing? I think it would make a big difference. My humble opinion only...I love the ground and the figure.

Thank you for my birthday card that I finally got yesterday :)

Lisa said...

i love the new alex one- and yours too of course, but i had seen him when he was invisible xx

Anonymous said...

One step at a time Michelle - I have tried "painting" skies and it looks shit..have not got the technique right yet...but I will kep trying as I would love to be accomplished in painting amazing pictures of clouds..thanks

jewell said...

love both your works...very taleted

Michelle said...

Oh good...I was worried you think I was criticising and I wasn't!