Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Trekkie Feast!

Well, I DID go and see the Star Trek movie last night - it was a hoot.
Just the type that I love to watch at the movies ( which rarely go to any more ) lots of visual effects and lots of fun to watch.
Next week I am going to see "Angels and Demons" with a friend.
If you want to see a real tear jerker - go hire out "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith and buy a box of tissues.
If anyone has a copy of "The Others" I could borrow can you bring me in a copy?
I watched this movie many years ago and then spotted it on TV last week but only managed to watch a snippet and then deleted by mistake the copy that I made - I got really hooked into it this time and now "MUST SEE IT!"
Life is a bit sad when these are the most important things in my life at the moment...I guess this is just one layer of a much more complicated life.
Lazer Force and 15 teenagers to contend with this afternoon...glad its not at my house!



Lisa said...

star trek renata ?
really ?
far too sad....
more wodka !!!

Michelle said...


Well, good luck with that.


jewell said...

what's wrong with Star Trek...i love it

Anonymous said...

Indeed...I am glad someone else is sticking up for me...thanks jewell....w.w.

Wendy said...

Love the moofies and am looking forward to seeing Angels and Demons but have to say Seven Pounds annoyed me :o(

Cyndy said...

We saw Start Trek last weekend, much to Vboy's disgust. He then went on to tell his mates what a great movie it was. I think that he is now a convert.
"The Others" was the lunchtime movie on Prime on Friday. Ah, the joys of unemployment...... ;0)