Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did I say that I had things organised?

Well...I am up shit creek alright.
Mum is proving to be a handful still playing games in between bouts of dementia.
She has been up all night moving the furniture in the hospital as she believes she is at home and is looking for her stuff - then she is refusing to walk or get up out of her chair because she has back pain.
She tells me that they are not giving her her pills which will make her walk, but when I show her her charts to say that she is getting her medication she blames me for making her into an idiot and putting her in the hospital.
She is now angry ( thanks for warning me Jade ) and blames me for her plight.
My job is to just take her home and be there for her 24/7.
That will solve the problem.
I am sure it would....
SO respite wont touch her at the moment and paperwork is being "tooed and froed" while I pick up and wash various bits of underwear and try and reorganised what has already been organised, look at nursing home vacancies, see doctors and deal with mum.
Family is coming a poor second at the moment.

So we must wait until tomorrow to see what happens next...


Michelle said...

Oh dear.


Wendy said...

Hugs to you!

Hippy Witch said...

Oh, Renata, I am thinking of you. Just breathe.

Cyndy said...

Bugger. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

But surely you aren't out of options yet. Is the Short Term Residential Accommodation Service (STRAS) Centre at Belmont Hospital a possibility? I'm sure that the staff are pushing every button they know to help sort out this problem, even if it doesn't seem that way, Renata. You are not on your own in this. It's going to take a team effort to get your mum settled, but it WILL happen.

Hang in there. xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Cyndy...I am aware of the "holding pen" (which I have named it ) at Belmont and that is a great probability..I am just so upset with the situation because we puled so many strings to secure Tinone Village and it feels like it is just slipping away ( just like mum )....w.w.

jewell said...

thinking of you hugs xxxx