Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bogan Heaven!

Shades of reliving the past?
Thursday night at a shopping centre - what is it with people?
Talk about idiots coming out of the wood work!
People, stop screaming at each other!
Stop talking on your mobiles at the tops of your voices so that the whole world can hear your sordid business!
Stop yelling and pushing your kids and threatening to" punch their f***ing heads in" a metre from where I am standing.
Gross and disgusting.
Gangs of kids so out of control that the Police have to be called.
So much fun yeah????


Michelle said...



Lisa said...

friggin YUCK !!!!!
( georgia wasnt amongst them was she ? cringe)

angela said...

I think the world has gone insane. Some people shouldn't raise a dog let alone a child.

Natalie said...

Did you read what i almost brought home with me yesterday?