Monday, September 21, 2009

Ode to "The Man" - Happy Anniversary

Its our wedding anniversary tomorrow
and they said it was doomed and wouldnt last.
They did!
well, we proved them wrong and
although there were tough times
we all have those, we got through.
... then a few years ago
the unthinkable happened and I could have lost you
and I thought that my head would explode just thinking about that.
So each day is now a gift and most days I have my priorities worked out and the little things dont matter.
You have put up with my drama queen antics and crazy ideas
you make me laugh and make me look forward to my future
because it is with you.
I still love to be with you, think of you and lay next to you.
What more could a girl ask for.
Mwa! to my beautiful husband.


Wendy said...

Happy anniversary!

Cyndy said...

Congratulations, Renata! Obviously, he loves you too <3.

How many years?


Jewell said...

happy anniversary

Anonymous said...

19 years of marriage and an extra 3 before we got married...w.w.

angela said...

Hope you have many more happy years together