Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nothing to say too!

I have to join Wendy and say that "I really have nothing to say too"!
In the last week I have had a bout of flu/sinus and had a very sore and irritated eye yesterday which resulted in me driving around half blind with tears pouring down my face until I could get some drops from the chemist.
I have been reading about a link between the tarot and Jesus' sermon on the Mount,string theory, labotomies and Bethlehem Mental Hospital in England and Pavlov's dogs...
I have applied for another job and am rethinking about organising a Ghost Tour night out at Morpeth..there was an article about it in the paper this week and it has sparked my interest...anyopne else wants to come along let me know and I will book a tour...we need about four or five people for a Friday or Saturday night....
oh well...I guess I did have something to say after all...but then, I usually do..

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WhimsiGals said...

Yes!!! Put us down for the Ghost tour ... please :-)