Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Individuation- when it's all about NOT fitting in!

I've been thinking about some recent posts where some have suggested that they struggle with not fitting in - this has tied in with some reading that I have been doing of late about alchemy ( the transmutation of base metals into gold - symbolic of course ).
Carl Jung said that individuation is probably the most important thing that we have to do in our lifetime.
It is the process of splitting from the the group, the crowd, and becoming an individual, realising that you are different and finding your own identity.
Sometimes it can also mean receiving the greatest gift of all - that of peace of mind in truely realising our purpose.

This process may often come when we are least prepared.
I wonder whether this process of the soul starts very, very early for some of us.
Our soul has already done this process of becoming individual and then spends years telling us "Yes, you do not fit in cause you are NOT SUPPOSED TO!!!! You are supposed to just be you and not like everybody else!!".
Therefore we have actually GOT it - its the rest of them that don't.
Brilliant isnt it.

So next time you say to yourself - gee, I dont fit in, be proud of it cause your soul has worked it all out for you, now just spend your time being you and have a little smirk at all the sheep just doin' the same thing as everybody else...
the hard work is all still in front of them.


Lisa said...

we are not meant to fit in- if we were we would all be coded with the same dna.
We are born alone and leave alone and everything we encounter around us during that process, aids our growth and developement.
So , no- you dont fit in, neither do I, or Michelle or anyone else for that matter, we are all just hoping for acceptance and tolerance of who and what we are, and they we contribute something somewhere along the way.
I love you
accept you
Lisa xx

Michelle said...


What she said.


Jewell said...

then that means that i have known that i did not fit in since i was 5 years old....

WhimsiGals said...

I have known that I've never fitted in anywhere my whole life ... that I have lived outside the "rules" ... and I am now coming to understand how far reaching this is actually for me.

It's not comfortable to walk a solitary path, because we are naturally drawn to fitting in ... and our distant ancestors knew it was wiser to stay as a group than to survive alone.