Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blue Moon!

Blue Moon
Comming up soon,
enough to make you swoon,
howling at the moon

seeing shadows,
feeling maddness
crazy saddness

wild weather,
wind blowing
frozen fingers
the chill lingers
leaves scatter across the road like scurrying creatures
looking for a warm spot to hide

Blue Moon
comming soon
every loon
will be howling the tune!


Anchell said...

hmmmmm....very good oh wigglyho!

Lisa said...

what a talented white wiggle ho-poet elf you are- can you sing it to the tune of 'wake up Jeff '!
get back to work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tesah said...

Hmm I wonder if we will get any ritual done with this strange blue moon energy running around!

Lisa said...

yes, blue mooooooooooooon