Friday, June 15, 2007

What a night!

The Gods brought down the rain again - right in the middle of our commitment ritual.
It sent many of the initiates into a panic, having been so traumatised last week with losing possessions and animals in the terrible storms of last Friday.
Their hearts were in the ritual but their ears were outside the window listening to the rain!
It just goes to show the individual commitment of each woman and it was not lost on me....
It WAS a lot of work to set up, no doubt...I am hoping that the ladies enjoyed it..with so many, the ritual took its time to weave everyone into it - but it had to be so.....not all our rituals will go for that long - rest easy ladies!
Today I am fluey and a bit drained...but by tomorrow I will be fine - nothing a mersyndol and a small shot of vodka cant fix! ( old slavic witches trick )
You didn't know they had mersyndols back then?
See, you learn something new every day!


Lisa said...

yes, i think it was called belladonna back then.......great night- fabulous feedback

Anchell said...

Most goodest Lucky elf macperson for sure.....xx

Kathleen said...

Beautiful and Thankyou ; )

Cyndy said...

So many of our modern medications are based on the old lore and ways.. Modern science isn't really so clever.. maybe a large shot of vodka would be more effective???