Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dark side of the Moon!

Its that spot when astronauts go around the back side of the moon and NASA cannot contact them for a few minutes - that's where I am now.

No power ( am currently using generator for a short while)
Mobile died - have to use old one.
It's dark and getting cold.
We will be showering somewhere other than at home tonight - had a cold shower last night.

But, it could be much worse -
I could be living in Maitland and shitting myself right now.
My parents where caught in the 1955 flood - they lived just behind the Town Hall. They were rescued from the roof top of their next door neighbours two storey house.


Tesah said...

You can always drop in and use the shower at my place!

Lisa said...

the cottage is there for you all- i too am feeling such sadness for the people of maitland x

Kathleen said...

I am on the dark side of the moon too!

Anchell said...

Where are you rooooommmmmmyyyyyyy........xxxxx

Lisa said...

shes been without power for days !