Friday, June 08, 2007

Did you survive?

It was torrential last night.
I thought we would lose our roof! That goodness all is fine accept for some minor rainwater damage and no power, so all the food in the fridge will be dodgy.
I took my mother a thermos of hot water so she could make herself a cup of tea.
Being a wicth, I at least have a multitude of candles and can boil water on our bbq for a cuppa.
We are temporarily on battery power so that the computer can work but it is only for a short while.

Trees are down over power lines in streets around us and all roads were flooded last night.
Cardiff and Wallsend are both a mess with water comming into all shops and causing major damage.
My thoughts are with you all and I hope that you and your family is well and that your property has not had too much damage done to it.

We may get another bout of wild weather this settle in for a dark, cold night ahead.
See you at the other end of this......


~*Rylah*~ said...

Glad you are ok amid all the mess, Renata. We are relatively ok as we live on a hill so we are safe just watching the water flow down the road!
Stay safe.
JacRy xXx

Lisa said...

we are ok and thank the goddess so is the Cottage. I am blessed, fire, electricity, coffee ( followed by two glasses of water) chocolate and a dryer- plus lots of beading to do..... be safe x

Anchell said...

Stay warm!

Baby its cold outside........xx

Tesah said...

Glad to hear you're all doing okay up on the hill. As long as we can all get tea/coffee I think we'll be okay!!

Bee said...

good to hear all is well,but what is a wicth and can we all be one,,,,,

Anonymous said...

hi glad all are ok so am i damage up and down the street but im ok ...maureen