Friday, June 01, 2007

The Skivvy Story continues.....

Well, I got caught out today..
I actually walked into the Euro Bar Cafe in Hamilton in my skivvy!!!!
I was on the run, and did not have time to change before meeting Lisa and Michelle for coffee.
I could hear the groans from well dresed women who turned pale at the sight of me sauntering, loud and proud,straight passed the full tables, right to the back of the Cafe.
"There goes a fashion disaster!!!!".
But I have never been fashion savvy..everyone knows that.
Especially my daughter who would openly admit that her mother is "frumpy".

It must be a karmic lesson.
I must have been incredibly beautiful in a previous life, and vain and arrogant I'd this time around I was hit with the "frumpy stick".


Anchell said...

There aren't many people who can look swish in a skivvy my dear....angelina jolie maybe...or if you wore it really tight and midriff.....or cut holes for your nipples that you said you have!
Those well dressed woman were jealous!! AND cold too...

Lisa said...

yes, the skivvy wearing elf-wiggle was seen at Hamilton this afternoon- she was the warm one, with the gorgeous daughter x

Anonymous said...

hey renata do you feel comfy when youre being a white wiggle ...then bugger the fashion so called xperts...i think we all like ya the way ya are ....maureen.... another note so cool fashion attire weARER !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maureen!
I want to work on my frumpyness....but time is running out!Renata

Anonymous said...

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