Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Cottage has a Fairy Godmother/or father!

Indeed I have been informed that there have been a number of anonymous donations left at the Cottage in the last 24 hours.
To whoever left them - I also extend my sincere thanks.
I would love to know who it was - human curiosity - but anonymity is a beautiful thing. You have to be a pretty big person to give without expecting thanks.

Our Cottage is a beautiful place and now we have a fairy Godmother, or father too!

The man is out having some timeout with friends from work at a "smoko".
I have baked apple pie and am watching "Harry Potter" yet again - it's still so cool.

I also learnt how to apply gesso onto a canvas today ( whoopee do I hear you say ).
Yet an important part to the process of painting and I learnt it today. So I am stoked.


Anchell said...

I like always looks good!

In fact I have liked gesso so much at times that I have applied 10 or 12 coats.....


I would like too apply some right now except I am going to bed so I am awake when you get here tomorrow....

everyone is being arty farty but me


Anonymous said...

hi renata love your painting and very much enjoyed the other night - wednesdaynight can't wait till we have more ...maureen