Saturday, April 12, 2008

Party Chick!

It's just party, party,party....
Friday lunch at the pub down at Lambton for my cousin's birthday.
Saturday morning breakfast at Chaddy's for same said cousin.
Then afternoon tea with family - more cake...
in between, much manoevering to make humungous caramel laden cake for miss Mary of the "Cottage" and more partying that evening and eating of said cake ( did I mention the mountain of cream that was in the cake as well? )

Ohhh! My stomach ..I have overindulged.

I have dust gathering in every corner of my house and have no motivation to clean it.
I have started a new painting and have stupily thought that I can do a bit without having my hand held...he,he....I think that was a mistake. I do not want to spend all of next lesson correcting what I have stuffed up.

Last night's birthday bash was fun. So much yummy food - there was even an idea that we should hire ourselves out to do wakes!

THe baby girl has been on school holidays for about a minute and is already bored out of her brain....oh, this is going to be a long school holidays - I am not into entertaining a 13 year old.


Hippy Witch said...

You party animal, you

Sorry I missed Lisa's party

Lisa said...

cake was divine- it has been sent all over Newcastle and what remained, DOM & I took care of. yummy

Jen said...

yes - agree with th 13yo bit. what fun.

Kathleen said...

Is that what manna tastes like? OMG, I thought I died and went to Heaven!