Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blessings and Honour to our Anzac Heros!

Say hello to me beloved,
Give a kiss and a cheer
Have a beer at the pub mate
for I'm no longer here -

But I'll be standin beside ya,
Me old mate, me old chap,
That's me you'll be feelin
My hand on yer hat -

When you're in the parade mate
when you walk down the street,
When the dawn is a risin,
when the tears start to creep.
I'll be standin beside ya,
Me old mate, me old chap,
I'll be singing the old songs
We sang at the camp.

So say hello to the missus,
give her a kiss for me,
and go and play two up
and win a penny or three.


Kathy said...

Goosebumps too

Cyndy said...

What a lovely verse, Lucky.

I never fail to be moved at ANZAC service, every year. Even though I'm not conventionally religious, I loved the hymns that were sung today; "The Recessional", "Lead Kindly Light" & "Abide with Me".

And that bugle.... shivers indeed....

Anonymous said...

I agree, there is something about Anzac that brings us all together - I watched an amazing doco yesterday on SBS which was totally horrifying- taken from extracts of letters from the troops on both sides, many things I did not know.Many things I did not want to hear - the conditions, the tragedy, the dead, the flies, the food, the trenches.They endured hell.Lucky