Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby girks and Harry Potter

Cheers to the ladies that picked up my spelling mistake last blog...I have now fixed it but I seem to have retained my baby girk for ever more.
Baby girks do not fall asleep till after midnight and do not get up till 11am.
They eat everything that contains chocolate or McDonalds and little else.
They read books or are attached to the computer all day long and the only time they watch t.v. is to watch another rerun of Harry Potter ( how many times can one watch it?).
Baby girks have two left hands incapable of even the most basic tasks and seem to have selective hearing - yet they can listen to incredibly nerve shattering music on their ipod thingys.
They speak in a foreign language that only other girks seem to understand.
Oh well....

I have had a very productive day - I beaded, painted, washed sheets,cut and tied branches, took mother shopping and for coffee, watched Harry Potter and blogged.

The man made me two very yummy cappuccinos and now I will be awake to 2am!


Anchell said...

Girks is apt..I have 2 girks and girkish they are indeedy...Harry is an obsession that lasts well into yr 11....sad but true xxx

I will come for mans caps one day when i am able

Bee said...

have fun at market,if get there,,,