Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Seeing the sun rise!

I was at the beach to see the sun rise this morning and I must admit that it was spectacular!
Had to take baby girl into school at sparrow's fart to catch a bus to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney (school excursion).
So was brave and thought, since I am up anyway....shall head into town and go for a walk along the beach.
There is a fabulous coffee shop up near the old hospital - it overlooks Newcastle beach and having a morning cappucinno there is superb.
I thoroughly recommend it!
Shall we make a date girls?

Tonight, doing a cemetary walk with my psychic development group...what a day!


Jen said...

have fun at the cemetary - too scary for me... i know, i am a big wuss

Hippy Witch said...

Coffee at sunrise sounds good to me