Monday, April 07, 2008

Some interesting local history

Wallsend - from the coal district on Tyne ( end of old Roman occupational wall)

Newcastle - after the English city. The Port was first entered by boat in 1797 in pursuit of escaping convicts. Newcastle was first called "King's Town" and the Hunter river was known as "Coal River".
The native name for the site is Malubimba.

Boolaroo - aboriginal meaning "many flies" ( right Diana? )

Waratah - because of the prolific growth of the plant in that area.

Shortland - after John Shortalnd, master's mate on the "Sirius".

Muswellbrook - once known as Muscle Brook on account of the mussels in the creek.

Morpeth - after Morpeth in Wales. The native name is Illulong. Was first called Wallis Plains.

Maitland - after Jas. Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale. The original settlement was made up of " 11 well behaved convicts". The natives called west Maitland " Boyden" and east Maitland " cooloogoolooheit".

Kotara - a waddy in aboriginal.

Cardiff - after Cardiff Wales. Sir Edgeworth David, Aust. scientist was born there.

that's all I have found for now.
Just thought it would be of interest..


Kristy-Lee said...

It was interesting actually. Well done!


Hippy Witch said...

There's not that many flies here