Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You know?

I really enjoyed this blog...it has been a way of connecting with friends and pretending I was savvy with a computer although I really only still know the very basics.

It has seen me share my husband's illness, my father's death and most recently my mums deteriorating health - huge milestones in my life that created massive change.

I have commented and read comments.

I have laughed and cried and wondered whether I have not bored everybody to death with it all.

But life has unravelled lately in a truely unexpected way and many bloggers who followed this particular blog of mine have closed down or blocked their blogs and it now just does not feel the same to continue.

For the sake of the one or two of you who are left that want to know what I get up to then please just call me on the phone or send me an email.

I will continue with my art site..blackdogartworks.blogspot.com where I will continue to post new art works and I will also be folding my other web site, www.witchybitz.com after Christmas and creating something different, maybe...or maybe not.

To all of you that still gave a shit - thanks, its been swell, I've had a wyrd time!

Web - of - Wyrd


Lisa said...

i read you everyday and will follow you other blog
I do, 'give a shit' but it seems what ever i write, what ever the intention, it gets read the wrong way- so basically I am keeping my stuff private at the moment- if you would like to be added to the allowed readers, please jsut say so- I have no secrets from you ..........love as always, Lisa x

Kerry said...

well, thats a shame. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing whats happening in your world.

But we have to do what ever it is that feels real to us.

So while i will miss this blog of yours, i will check out the other one frequently.

Take care Renata.

Kerry xx

Jewell said...

will miss reading this blog..but will call/email for sure blessings

Michelle said...



Jen said...

i will miss you. I read everything you post.

luv Jen

Wendy said...

I give a shit. Several, in fact, if required.

Will email/call as well, least of all to say that I wish you'd blog again!

Gonna miss you!!!!

WhimsiGals said...

I am getting so mad with everyone tucking tail and taking off ...

I certainly give a shit too ... you are one of my anchors in the world and I will miss reading this blog, you make me laugh ... and you also grab me by the feet and put them back on the ground!

Kathleen xxxx

Cyndy said...

Hmmm.... Quite a few folk seem to want to make non-blogging "final"; ok, if that's how you feel, but I don't really understand why people have to definitvely close doors: it's an open thing, blogging: you can decide day-to-day (or minute-to-minute) whether or not you want to post.

Whatever. I'm going to miss your life, Renata. Thanks for sharing.


Lisa said...

i agree with Cyndy- the one reason I did not delete my blog is the very likely instance that i will return it to public some time in the near future.
I have not closed up shop re blogging, i just need some time to regroup and then i will be back.

For now, private suits me because i am not having every word i say analysed or read wrongly.

Please dont delete your blog Renata- maybe put it on ice for a while.......

BTW- I guess many have just found Facebook an easier way of keep in touch.

Lisa xx

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