Monday, November 19, 2007

Funny dreams and Mad Cow at Hog's Breath

Believe it or not, I actually dreamt that I was driving along this road about a month ago.
Then, the man shows me this picture of this crazy road that was sent to him from a friend.
I nearly dropped on the floor when I saw it - this was the exact road that I had dreamt about!
I had never seen this road before this picture was shown to me, and in my dream.
How could anyone ever believe that such a road even exists!!!!!But it does.
This road is in Norway.
Go figure?
I really must have done a quick trip while I slept.......

We went out tonight to Hog's Breath to celebrate my darling "survivor's" one year anniversary since his prostate cancer operation.

I can't believe it - so many times I go out and there is a problem that occurs with my food one else's but mine.
and so..
it happened again tonight.

I ordered a steak, medium rare, and got one almost raw on one side.
Upon getting it taken back, I sat and waited about ten minutes for the chef to spit on my plate, throw my steak on the floor and kill it by cooking it to death.
While the man and baby girl finished their meals, I was then presented with a plate full of shit, upon which I called the manager and told her to stuff it up her we walked without eating and the man having finished a half cold meal, having waited for mine to arrive.

We ended up going to the EuroBar and having coffees and cheese cake.
What a shit.....what a dissapointment.
Thanks Hog's Breath...Last time we go there.


Anonymous said...

awesome road but i dont think i'd like to drive on it though ....maureen

Rider-Waite said...

I have a friend who has the same problem as you! we go out for tea every Friday and in the 5 months we have been doing it, he has NEVER got his meal the way he ordered it! And he orders the same thing every time. The up side is, we always get free dessert. really is freaking annoying...

weirdo road! makes me sick looking at it.

Kathleen said...

Yes, I'd say you have been travelling to faraway places during sleep-time!!

(btw ... John Overholt is from Norway!)

I had a really cool flying dream this week too ... dressed as a witch with other RCR's and we flew to celebrations on the night of a full moon!

Cyndy said...

What is the point of a road like that? We had an email full of them....

So many "professional" chefs are anything but...... and Hog's Breath prides itself on it's steak and service.....

Cheesecake and coffee sounds better anyway, Lucky....