Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still Feral

Ruby Red is not the only feral in the chicken coop.
I am very feral suffering with dogs disease. not noise!Could do with an upper respiratory tract transplant at the moment.
Thanks Fairy Mary for your visit yesterday and letting me go "pay a penny".
Am reading a new book at the moment called "the gift of Fear" about being able to recognise a violent situation before it occurs andstrategies to save yourself from violence. I believe this book should be read by every woman on the planet.
Did you know that every murder is premeditated? None are random.
Also 100% of all serial killers have been either abused or humiliated by their parents whilst children.
Also more people have died through violence in the USA than have died in the Iraq war.
I think we may need to do an ARC on this topic when I am finished.I would love to share this information.


Anonymous said...

That sounds really fascinating... who's the author?

Anchell said...

Olive leaf tea or juicy stuff is supposed to be good for respitory stuff.

...and rest of course


Tesah said...

sounds good! (Not the violence, the ATC idea!)

Kathleen said...

Yes! It looks like a very interesting book ... would love to hear more about it!