Sunday, November 11, 2007

One long winded day.....

The days roll into one,
all the same, all long winded full of trivia and bits and pieces of unimportance.
Yet every morning I wake to find the earth has turned and given me another chance to look forward.
Every day is about making another dollar, paying another bill, selling a new year to another stranger to whom I have no connection, and do not want one.
My yearning is for home and those that I love - every hour spent away from sanctuary is a monotonous one.
But this is where I am and this will pass me by soon enough.
For now, I must see each new day through and find some enjoyment and fulfilment within it.
There is no rest for the wicked, so I must therefore be......


Anchell said...



Lisa said...

poor baby- i miss you so much- you have no idea
farking claenders
i cant even be bothered spelling it right
come back sephe

Kathleen said...

You could always sell the calenders in your birthday suit!

Cyndy said...

*.....wicked* in my best Keanu Reeves-voice a-la-"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure...."