Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hi Tech Surgery

How much would you pay to see your loved one well and free of disease?
Everything that you had? Yep - without a doubt. You would do it in a heartbeat!
So this is why the man is going to Melbourne to have his surgery. Professor Testicleremover is THE BEST - he invented the bloody machine that is going to be used to do the surgery - he has a world patent on his wall, along with a signed photo of George Bush Senior and various other famous people, including the Packers who thank him for his work and dedication.
He uses a technique called robotic surgery (not done in NSW).
A huge robotic device enters the body through 5 small incisions in the stomach area and the professor sits about a metre away with his head in a huge microscope thingy that allows him to manipulate the robotic arms to cut and stitch with the utmost precision.
What this means is that there is a greater chance to preserve the nerves that run near the prostate and are needed to insure continence and erection probability in the future.
As the man is so young, he has a good chance to regain all uses given time.For every man it is different - but definately harder the older the patient is.
The other type of surgery is what is called open surgery, where the doctor makes a large cut in the lower abdomen or near the anus and goes in through muscles and such and causes a lot more damage to nerves and tissue in the process.
The second type of surgery is much more invasive and recovery is a lot longer.
We envisage the man going in on Tuesday 21st November ( yep - that's D Day!) with one day in recovery and he is up and ready to travel home by Friday. Totally amazing and achievable all going well.
The result?
We don't know until a byopsy is done at the time of surgery - then we will know if all the cancer has been taken or whether the man will require further treatment as in radiotherapy or hormone therapy.
This this is not the end of the story - this is the beginning.
We need to get through this stage to get to recovery stage and then take it day by day - incontinence pad by incontinence pad!
I just want him alive and home so that I can continue to breath.
At the moment I feel drained and tired.The man is holding up and is much stronger than I am. I crumble like a hysterical mad woman and cannot bear to think about it all for too long.
Our short time in Melbourne was great - even though the Victoria markets were closed we made due with a trip to a Greek cake shop to buy a dozen creamy, chocolatey, delicious cakes..yum. Part of the man's therapy, of course!
I love Melbourne - must go there more often.
To all of you who have sent their wishes over the last few days and have waited for info, we again thank you!
I have felt so much heartfelt support from you all that it is truely uplifting.
The man has been overwhelmed and is also very thankful.
Our love to you all.


Anchell said...

Excellent, most excellent
love to you both

Lisa said...

This is wonderful news.....wonderful........keep writing it on here my darling- this is the sort of stuff best sellers are made of- real life dramas that WILL have a happy ending...........BTW, there is no price you can put on the life of one you love- i would do the same for Marc if I needed are so much stronger than you realise- dont ask 'how am i going to do this' instead say' i AM doing this'
love to you both, & the little witch & FRED
Mary Me x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

did someone leave an awful comment ?

Kathleen said...

Thinking of you and yours, sending Light & Love.

Kathleen xOx

Tesah said...

Keep going, you'll get there. Thinking of you all.

Cyndy said...

Bryan Ferry sang the that the price of love is the debt you pay in tears and pain, but real love is are finding the strength that you need, Renata, simply because you have to, and will continue find even more depth within yourself when your loving man is less able to manage; to get well, he will need to focus upon himself, and may not be able to support others as much..You are all marvelous....Lots of love to you all;) xoxo