Tuesday, November 28, 2006

D - Day for Catheter

Its been a week already since the big op and tomorrow the man get to have the catheter that has been sharing our bed and his leg removed.YAY!
We removed the bandages from his incisions today...just to have a look.
I also got to watch a part of a taped radical prostatectomy on the computer (from a medical site)and they showed how the prostate is removed via the incision made just above the belly button. Totally amazing.
The man has a stitch in three of the incisions and three stitches in the other two.
Wow again...
All of us will now have our very own pads in the bathroom cabinet..the man will have his, I will have mine and our daughter will have hers.
Life is not back to normal..yet
I am just tip toeing through.


Lisa said...

tip toeing is good- be brave dear angel of mine- tip toeing is ok

Anchell said...

Tip toe is just fine, it is movement....

Cyndy said...

Bloody pads cost motsa money; thank goodness youngest angel doesn't need them.....you're all doing marvellously, you know...;) <3