Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Glass is now half empty!

I am now officially half way through the Calendar Club season.
I have ONLY 50 days to go.
The sales have turned up a notch or two with Mary of the Blessed Lay-bys having her first taste of pre Christmas madness at the Square today.Hey got worse when you left. I thought the eftpos machine was going to spontaniously combust with the amount of transactions I was processing!
Meanwhile, the man is slowly recouperating. He is restless, not being used to doing so little - and is tending to do more than he should be.
I am just bloody tired.

Another day in paradise!


Anchell said...

Excellent maryBOSS. I can handle it! I am superSTAFF you know, able to leap smoking eftpos machines whilst simultaneously bagging 30 calenders, frisking old ladys with suspiciously lumpy jumpers and slyly kicking 2 year olds with sticky fingers away from displays....I can do it!

Lisa said...

superstaff of the amazingly big hair is sure some stiff competetion- when can i come play?

Jacqui said...

Yay! Half way always feels good...