Friday, December 29, 2006

23 days to go - but who's counting!!!!

Yep - it's sale time and as all Mary's would tell you, it's bloody busy!!!
All calendars are now 50% off and all the morons comming in to buy them are 50% more stupid than before.
Oh - I know - I shouldn't say that about my beloved customers....
but it's true.
Now the one good thing about all of this is that I have only 23 days left and it cannot come quick enough.
I have been suffering from a feral throat and chest thing and am glad that the long hours have finally come to an end as they have really worn me out.
Back to normal working hours again...yay!!!!
Thank the Goddess for small blessings.

I think that I will have a very quiet New Year's Eve this year as the man is a bit wary about going anywhere and I am ...frankly, too tired.
Had a small idea about getting together down by the foreshore to see the 9 pm fireworks.....
How has everyone's year been and what are your New Year's resolutions????
Time to blog a list methinks???!!!


Anchell said...

my new year resolution is to make no guilt inspiring new years resolutions! Hah.

Anchell said...

....bloody thing eats live food!!! Very you my dear maryBOSS.
Not that Im inferring you eat live food of course........

Lisa said...

love the spider-very romy- also love the 50% more stupid line- SO accurate- just wait tiil you get 75% off and what does that make us at the cottage who get the leftovers at 100% off........just waht are you inferring sister witch......??????lol

Amorah said...

My very first Boss taught me two things about being in retail... 1. 90% of the population are stupid and 2. You can say anything with a smile on your face and get away with it! Keep smiling - there must be 10% that are not 50% more stupid - perhaps?