Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Solar Invictus!'s Solar Invictus Day and I am at home, having slept to a whopping 11.30!!!!!!!
Then I woke with a caffeine withdrawal headache, as normally I would have had my third cup by now.Mersyndol to the rescue!
But, I am home..all day.
And guess what?
I am also home tomorrow.....all day.
Yay!!!The man had prepared breakfast with lots of cold meats, fresh home baked sour dough bread (that the man had baked the day before) and condiments.
Then we had some freshly baked cakes - also cooked by the man the day before.
How good is that?!!
After mass over consumption of goodies, the girls and I headed out to visit my dad ( dearly departed) at the cemetary and sprinkled angels and sparkles on his grave. While there, we decided to hunt out the oldest grave site at the cemetary and go sprinkle some angel dust there too. Here lies Robert, for over 100 years - so we blessed his soul and sprinkled his decomposing grave site with angels and stars.We figured it had been a long long time since anyone had payed him a visit.
Then we went home and I lit a candle and burnt some incence and felt so much better....there really must be pagan in me.
I then mustered the strength to also go visit my mum and take her some of the man's cakes.It must be horrible being alone at Christmas and I felt sorry for her - but I could only take half and hour of her company. I think I did well.
I am currently staring at so much chocolate on our coffee table that I figure it will take at least a week to get through it - oh how painful....not!
Other than that, we will have a friend over tonight and that will be that.
I am very happy.
It is a very special Christmas.
My darling man is well and happily sitting at his computer responding to people from all over the world who are asking him about his cancer operation and asking for advice for themselves.
My darling man is here with me and will be snuggling next to me in bed tonight and all will be well.
I am a happy girl.
Hope all is well in your household too.


Severina said...

Peace on Earth to you today and always :)

Amorah said...

What a wonderful Blessed Christmas. I know your New Year will be filled with joyful surprises and a deep and abiding sense of peace and fulfillment for both you and your Beloved Man.

Anchell said...

...and I will see you tommorow for the after invictus sales fiasco! If patty doesnt kill me first!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

bloody invictus. whatever that means- busy and calanders are utterly bloody- I would snuggle next to you, well, preferably next to the man but you would do.....glad you enjoyed invictus day, Jebus has a lot to answer for..........I hate calanders but I love you and you have promised to take us all out for dinner which is nice and you must do now that i have blogged it.....arek is gorgeous and I love the graveyard shuffle with the girls......blessed be........mothers are a drain and even more frightening, i am turning into mine !!!!!!!

Bee said...

thats so cool im so glad you are so happy,can man come an make my breakfast.